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For a limited time purchase a gift membership for a friend or family member and receive a full year of membership ($99.99 value) for yourself absolutely free.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Gilad TV gift membership is an easy way to give Gilad TV to someone special. When you purchase the gift membership for $99.99, you'll be paying for a year of Gilad TV. After a year they'll have the option to add their own payment method and continue their membership.

For limited time you will receive a free year of Gilad TV for yourself with purchase of a gift membership for someone else.

With a Gilad TV membership you can stream all of Gilad's TV shows and more. Gilad TV features the best of Gilad's workouts from his long running cable TV series Bodies in Motion and Total Body Sculpt. With over 300 professionally produced TV episodes to choose from there is something for everyone to workout to, all on-demand and commercial-free.

Choose from either a printable version that can be printed on your own printer and delivered to the recipient in person or choose the email version that can be delivered to the recipient's inbox immediately via email.

Yes, if the recipient already has a Gilad TV membership we will add the gift you purchased to the end of their existing membership extending it one year.

Watch Gilad TV on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and more... View a complete list of supported devices.

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